Građevinar Kocić gradnja visokogradnja nisko gradnja prodaja betona temelji zastita temeljne jame sipovi dijafragme grubi gradjevinski radovi zavrsno zanatski radovi


Pgp "Građevinar Kocic" Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "GK" Company was founded in 1990 and its long-term nature of the jobs created and maintained its leading position in the market. Company "GK" since its establishment a recognizable style of architecture, which is based naprimeni best professional and ethical standards, the use of modern technologies and innovations in technical and aesthetic aspects of architecture.

, Company "GK" to offer to the market, apart from the rough construction work, which is specialized, and offers complete engineering and consulting buildings and civil engineering. With years of experience, expertise, human resources, functionality available technical and technological infrastructure and its own large production capacity, we are able to realize the highest standards of complex objects significant value.

All objects that the Company "Građevinar Kocic" built characterized by high quality and functionality, as well as a uniform aesthetics in perfect combination with tradition and modern technology and are part of the level of civilization in this part of Europe, not forgetting the experience of ancestors and taking into account the future.