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Within all our facilities you are safe and protected, at least 100 years! Company "Građevinar Kocic" has developed a staff, which meets the highest standards of all technical and technological requirements and provide answers to the challenges of building demands. Renowned experts in the field of construction, architecture and design make our operational work, and take care that each objects as unique, functional and durable.
Experienced professional staff of engineers of the company "Građevinar Kocic" together with the technical staff led by a large number of skilled workers, who are ready for the daily execution of the most difficult tasks. The level of construction quality and specify the deadlines are in the first place, resulting in the planned dynamics of fulfilling greatly. The company attitude is continuous monitoring of advanced technologies, and during construction next to modern machines using the latest formwork for concrete.

Finishing services
Rough construction works
Shallow and deep foundation
Protection foundation pit


According to current standards implement complex projects of significant value. We specialize in providing all kind of rough works in civil engineering: excavations, embankments, coarse and fine leveling, preparation for asphalt works, tunnel excavation and demolition.


Our machinery incorporates process of all activities in order to achieve high quality.
Company "Građevinar Kocic" is able to offer vehicles and machines for excavation and earthworks, demolition, drilling piles, vertical and horizontal transport within the site and external transportation of necessary materials and machines. Our vehicles and machines are managed by people with many years of experience, whereas they are always ready for new challenges.